Outsourcing Your IT Security

As a business owner you might often feel like you’re wearing many different hats.  This can get overwhelming at times; you might feel like you just don’t have enough time to devote to everything.  Sometimes this isn’t a huge issue as some things don’t need 100% of your time and attention.

However, if your business relies on an IT system and conducts business with data that should be secured, then trying to do all your security yourself is probably not the best idea, especially if you’re not an IT expert.

It’s hard enough for the IT experts themselves to stay ahead of the security game.  As Amir Hadziosmanovic, head of AMA Networks that does managed IT in San Diego says, it’s definitely a difficult task for the IT field to stay ahead of the threats that pop up every day.  That’s why it’s an excellent idea to hire a managed IT team to handle your network security.  It’s even more important if you have industry standard compliance that you have to maintain, such as in the health and education field.

Having a managed IT team to handle your security is the best, most cost effective way to protect your business and your assets from harm.  It’s a great way to take a load off of an in-house IT team as well, as their time won’t be consumed by keeping up on the fast paced changes in the world of IT security.

What Do Hackers Want?

These days hackers aren’t just after your credit card numbers.  They want medical records and other sensitive information.  It’s all about ransomware and extortion.  Business account data is also extremely valuable to these hackers, and there have been reports of very complex and convincing phone phishing scams designed to scam employees of companies into unknowingly giving up this data.

In fact, even security experts are at risk of being scammed as these schemes grow more sophisticated.  On the popular blog Krebs On Security, it was reported that the creator of popular website Metafilter and a writer at Slack was recently almost scammed as a crafty phone scam almost got him to cough up bank account details.

This is why it’s incredibly important to educate your employees on security best practices.  Teach your employees to never give up information to unsolicited phone calls.  Any strange phone calls should be forwarded to the IT security team to vet out, especially if it has to do with your computer system.  Scams involving unsolicited calls posing as security experts from computer companies have also been successful at conning unassuming people.

Watch The News

It’s also important for business owners to keep tabs on IT security in the news, and to be aware of the main threats and the latest technology.  Knowledge is power when it comes to preventing hacks and scams, and the more you know what to watch for, the more effective you’ll be in terms of being able to avoid and defend against it.